We are a drug rehab that takes UMR health isurance and our treatment team is ready to assist families affected by addiction.

One of the biggest obstacles preventing many individuals with a history of substance abuse from getting much-needed professional help is the financial cost of addiction treatment. When a drug or alcohol addiction is left untreated, it can produce disastrous consequences.

If you have a health insurance policy and are looking for substance abuse treatment, help is readily available at Recreate Life Counseling. We understand that drug and alcohol treatment often can create a huge financial strain on addicts and their families, so we do whatever we can to make the burden much easier to bear. As a United Medical Resources drug treatment center, you can be relieved in knowing that you’ll get the treatment you deserve at Recreate Life Counseling.

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UMR and Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

United Medical Resources (UMR) is the leading third-party administrator of medical insurance in the United States. It is not a health insurance company in itself. However, they work with over 3,000 healthcare providers (including drug and alcohol rehab centers) within their network to mental healthcare services for beneficiaries. With UMR, you can be sure to be linked with the best rehab facility without needing to worry about paying a huge cost out of pocket.

In addition, UMR provides management and organizational support to self-insured companies, state government, and associations of employers. If UMR is your insurance claims processor, it means that your company is self-insured and you can have your drug treatment covered at Recreate Life Counseling.

How UMR Can Assist With Rehab Cost Coverage

As a part of the United Healthcare family, UMR assists its members in receiving addiction treatment coverage. Even if you have been addicted for an extended period of time and lack the financial resources to enter a treatment program, UMR can assist in connecting you with a reputable drug rehab center that accepts UMR insurance. No one deserves to suffer because of an addiction problem and health insurance helps pay for much-needed addiction treatment.

Benefits of Having UMR Coverage

There are multiple benefits in having United Medical Resources (UMR) as your health insurance provider. Your addiction treatment coverage will likely include the following services:

Additionally, your UMR coverage also provides other benefits unrelated to your addiction treatment. For example, you can easily search the company’s website for a list of certified healthcare providers, gain access to medical resources and tools, electronic versions of the company’s healthcare magazine, as well as find dental claim forms.

A Few Things to Note about Your UMR Coverage

The job of United Medical Resources is to ensure that your insurance company provides you with benefits to cover your drug rehab treatment programs. Although UMR works with a large number of rehab facilities in its network, the type of coverage an individual receives is dependent to a large extent on your insurance company. While UMR may recognize that some clients are best suited for partial hospitalization treatment while others for outpatient programs, not all insurance companies provide coverage for every level of addiction treatment care.

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Also, UMR understands that timelines for treatment and recovery vary from one person to another. However, some insurance providers may be unwilling to provide extended coverage for substance abuse treatment. It is beneficial to get as much detailed information before deciding on your preferred treatment program.

Generally, UMR will ensure that your insurance company provides coverage for the length of time recommended by your rehab provider. One call to Recreate Life Counseling can provide you with a confidential and 100% free insurance benefits check. We encourage you to reach out around the clock and find out your level of addiction treatment coverage.

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