Our counselors engage clients in discreet and therapeutic individual counseling sessions.

Addiction treatment requires a multi-layered approach to be successful. At Recreate Life Counseling, our team of therapists meets with each client one-on-one during the week for individual counseling. During these sessions, patients have the opportunity to open up about their issues and problems in a safe and comfortable setting.
In comparison to group therapy that is facilitated amongst other addicts and alcoholics, individual counseling is a discreet form of therapy built on trust and understanding between the patient and therapist.

Individual therapy

Fostering Personal Growth: Individual Addiction Counseling at Recreate Life Counseling, Boynton Beach

Addiction is an incredibly complex and diverse disorder with devastating impacts on a person’s life. It can lead to health issues, broken relationships, financial ruin, and even death.

Substance use disorder is associated with other mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD, and they can be either a cause or a result of addiction.

However, there are plenty of ways to treat addiction —alcohol addiction or drug addiction, and one of the essential parts of addiction recovery is proper individual counseling.

It can help people overcome their addiction to alcohol and drug abuse by understanding its underlying factors, developing coping skills, and building sober support groups to get their life back on track and relapse prevention.

In today’s guide, we’ll take a closer look at the role of individual counseling in addiction treatment programs and how Recreate Life Counseling treatment center in Boynton Beach can help you with that as one of the leading providers of addiction therapy and recovery programs.

Understanding Individual Addiction Counseling

Individual addiction counseling is a one-on-one therapeutic approach that helps you or your family member struggling with addiction to overcome their addictive behavior through a variety of rehab programs, including understanding their issue and developing ways to overcome alcohol abuse and drug use.

The treatment method also goes by a variety of alternative terms and slight variations, including types of therapy like “talk therapy” and  “psychotherapy.”

The main advantage of a treatment plan like individual therapy or group therapy is that it creates a safe space where patients can ensure privacy and support.

This allows them to discuss their deepest struggles and psychological issues without worrying about the confidentiality of what they discuss during sessions.

What Are the Objectives of Addiction Counseling?

The objectives of individual addiction counseling may vary depending on the individual’s needs and goals, but they typically include:

  • Understanding the nature and root causes of their addiction and its impact on their life by exploring their history with substance abuse.
  • Identifying stressors and main triggers that cause them to relapse so that they can avoid them when they’re back to real life.
  • Work on their personal growth and develop coping methods and techniques to overcome stress and maintain tranquility.
  • Preparing recovering patients to create new support networks to help them maintain sobriety, make amends, and fix broken relationships.

How Effective Is Individual Addiction Counseling?

Individual counseling is a widely established form of therapy that is used in a wide range of applications besides addiction, with studies reporting this effective treatment in various age groups and conditions, such as grief, trauma, psychological disorders, behavioral health, and much more.

Individual Addiction Counseling

The therapy method also has a remarkable role in helping substance abuse patients overcome their addictions and get their life back on track.

A 2021 study shows that individual counseling is as effective in treating substance abuse disorders as group therapy, and combining the two techniques can greatly improve the chances of long-term recovery.

Individual addiction counseling also has several benefits that other forms of therapy may not offer, such as:

  • Any information shared in one-on-one sessions is completely confidential, which guarantees privacy and encourages patients to open up, increasing the chances of a successful treatment that targets the deepest psychological issues and addiction factors.
  • In individual sessions, professional therapists provide their undivided attention to a single person so they can provide thorough analysis and guidance.
  • Individual counseling is highly customizable and more flexible than other forms of substance abuse treatment, which allows recovering patients to advance at their own pace, especially for those with recurring relapses.
  • The flexibility of scheduling is also a suitable solution for patients who don’t want to heavily interrupt their professional or social lives.
  • Therapists can also provide insights and teach patients the necessary skills to combat addiction based on their individual situation rather than offering generalized advice for the whole group.

Approach to Individual Addiction Counseling at Recreate Life Counseling

At Recreate Life Counseling, individual therapy is tailored to suit the resident’s perspective and experience.

The professional therapist creates a safe environment where the patient feels free to explore their feelings and thoughts without judgment to encourage personal growth, bolster weak spots, and develop the necessary coping skills to deal with future challenges.

Counselors will also utilize a variety of evidence-based therapeutic modalities that can help patients with their journey to find inner peace and maintain sobriety. These include

  • Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT): A technique that reworks how a person thinks and reacts to situations, preventing them from reproducing their addictive patterns.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Motivational Interviewing: Forms of CBT that help a person reach a state of inner peace and acceptance to overcome past traumas that might’ve led to addiction

Structure of Individual Addiction Counseling Sessions

Since every patient is different, the content and flow of individual counseling sessions will typically vary. However, they’ll typically involve the same general structure, which is composed of various steps.

First, the sessions will start with an initial assessment that helps the counselor determine the best course of treatment program and setting goals based on the patient’s circumstances, current recovery level, and chances of relapse.

Ideally, each session will start with a check-in on the client’s progress and any challenges they have faced since the previous session. The counselor will then work on what the patient addresses based on the goals they both set at the first session.

Besides the typical sessions, there will be an ongoing evaluation of the recovery treatment and its progress.

Counselors might make necessary adjustments to the plan along the way to cope with any changes and updates.

Key Themes in Individual Addiction Counseling

Counseling will typically address various issues and themes, especially the ones that might’ve led to substance abuse. These include trauma and PTSD, self-esteem, domestic abuse, grief, etc.

The sessions might also include additional aspects like triggers and stress factors, especially for patients with a history of relapses. 

The aim of discussing those topics is to find their relationship with addiction and learn to cope with them so that they don’t cause relapses in the future.

The Counselor-Patient Relationship

The counselor-patient relationship is essential for successful interaction between the two parties during counseling. The patient must feel comfortable and safe enough to share their thoughts and feelings with the counselor.

On the other hand, the counselor must be able to earn the patient’s trust by respecting their privacy and avoiding personal judgment.

Establishing mutual trust allows the counselor to guide and support their recovering resident by helping them develop coping techniques, stick to recovery guidelines, and stay motivated throughout the treatment journey.

Meet Our Clinical Team

Our dedicated treatment team is committed to providing exceptional care and support through Individual Therapy. Comprised of experienced and compassionate professionals, our team specializes in helping individuals overcome addiction and trauma. We blend expertise with a personalized approach to ensure each client receives the best possible treatment. At Recreate Life Counseling, we are here to guide you on your journey to healing and recovery, fostering a safe and supportive environment every step of the way.

Patrick Casey

Patrick Casey, ARNP


Patrick began his medical career working as a registered nurse in emergency departments and trauma centers in 2008.

Jenna Schafer

Jenna Schafer

Primary Therapist

Jenna earned her Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and Mental Health Counseling from Lynn University in 2020.

Christina Scherer

Christina Scherer

Family Services Advocate

Christina began her professional career in behavioral health in 2019, dedicating herself to working directly with SUDs.

Overview of Recreate Life Counseling

Recreate Life Counseling is a JCAHO-certified drug rehab facility with locations all across Florida, including a leading certified recovery residence in Boynton Beach.

The facility offers a wide range of addiction treatment and therapy services. Besides individual counseling with top therapists, there is group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, along with novel therapy methods like adventure therapy, acupuncture, and other holistic therapy techniques.

The Boynton Beach location offers a number of advantages that play a remarkable role in boosting recovery success rates.

In addition to the cleanliness of the facility and the supportive staff, residents enjoy comfortable weather and clean air all year round. Additionally, the facility is walking steps from the beach and minutes away from various sober activities as well as group therapy meetings.

Recreate Life Counseling prides itself on having an experienced and compassionate team of professionals dedicated to helping people overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery.

Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide a serene and supportive environment for your recovery journey. Offering comfortable and welcoming spaces that promote healing and well-being. With modern amenities and dedicated areas for Individual Therapy, we ensure a conducive atmosphere for effective treatment and personal growth. Our facilities reflect our commitment to providing high-quality care, combining safety, comfort, and privacy to help you focus on your path to recovery. Explore our tranquil setting and discover how we create an optimal environment for your healing and transformation.

Residential Treatment Center

From the instant you step through our doors, our stunning residential treatment center ensures your comfort and enjoyment throughout your stay!

Boynton Beach Recovery Residence

We empower our clients to navigate the pivotal transitional phase between treatment and real-world reintegration, mitigating the risk of relapse.

Delray Beach Recovery Residence

Our certified recovery residences offer proximity to twelve-step meetings and sober activities. Just minutes away from the beach, an ideal space to heal.

Clinical Treatment Offices

Within our cutting-edge clinical facilities, individuals battling addiction find a tranquil path on their journey of healing and renewal.

Starting Individual Addiction Counseling at Recreate Life Counseling

If you’re looking for a new beginning, Recreate Life Counseling can help. The facility offers a wide range of addiction treatment and therapy services, including individual counseling.

Recreate Life Counseling also has compassionate and highly experienced staff members who are trained to offer the optimal level of dedication to help residents overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

Besides expert guidance and confidentiality, Recreate Life Counseling also provides personalized treatment, flexible scheduling, plenty of financing options, and insurance acceptance.

To start counseling for yourself or a loved one, you only need to contact us today through live chat, phone, or by booking a physical appointment. The admissions counselors are available around the clock and will help you with all your inquiries and questions.


Individual counseling is a precious tool in the addiction recovery journey. The personalized, confidential approach allows patients to pinpoint the root causes of their addiction and develop methods to counteract them and maintain their sobriety for long-term recovery.

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, you should seek immediate help and consider individual counseling as a major part of your personalized treatment.

Recreate Life Counseling can help you get excellent individual addiction counseling with knowledgeable and highly qualified professional therapists. Contact the facility today to learn more about our services and start your recovery journey.

Our Individual Addiction Therapists are a phone call away from starting a treatment plan tailored to your (or a loved one’s) personalized recovery needs.

Our experienced treatment team at Recreate Life Counseling will work with you to assess your condition and suggest a treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

Contact us around the clock to find out how our individual addiction counseling program in Boynton Beach, Florida, helps recreate lives that are affected by the disease of addiction.


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Published on: 2019-02-28
Updated on: 2024-05-23