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We offer group therapy as part of our addiction treatment program.

When an individual is searching for addiction treatment in South Florida, there are different types of treatment options available. One such option that is used by professional addiction counselors is group therapy. Recreate Life Counseling’s addiction group therapy in Boynton Beach, Florida is a valuable tool that helps addicts maintain long-term sobriety during the early stages of treatment.

Our addiction treatment programs include group therapy where men and women can strengthen their personal recovery through positive peer support. If you’re ready to rebuild your life from the grip of addiction, contact us around the clock for a confidential assessment.

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What Makes Group Therapy Effective for Treating Addiction?

For several decades, group therapy has been a major component in treating addiction to drugs and alcohol. Participating in our Boynton Beach group therapy addiction treatment program can expect the following:

  • Participating in a group therapy means lots of other people will cheer you on and help you actualize your goals towards recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Some members of the group can bring up a challenge that he or she is struggling with. It’s possible that you’re also going through the same situation and this will give you peace of mind that you’re not the only one going through the same problem.
  • Addiction group therapy offers an awesome way to experiment with new behaviors. You can try new ways of relating to others in a safe environment before you go into the real world. You will also be able to abandon the preconceptions that you’re going through this process alone or without any support.
  • Since humans are built to learn and grow in the midst of others, participating in an addiction group therapy will help you to overcome an addiction problem.

What Should You Expect From Group Therapy Sessions?

Having an idea of what will happen at in our substance abuse group therapy in Boynton Beach, Florida will help in alleviating your fears. Everyone will probably introduce themselves so that you can know each other. They may share stories about what led them to seek therapy and other things that pushed them into addiction.

These meetings will help addicts learn more about how addiction affects others. For instance, other participants may talk about how they’ve been coping with cravings and how they’ve been trying to avoid specific triggers. In some cases, special speakers may be invited to share his or her experience in recovery. This will help you to learn from their experiences.

Recreate Life Counseling’s addiction group therapy in Boynton Beach, Florida, provides a strong support structure and a sense of fellowship among the group. You can also maintain contact outside of the group with those that you’re connected to. These relationships help build your support network for whenever you are struggling with a problem that makes you crave for drugs or alcohol down the road.

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