Types of Therapy We Offer

Our comprehensive approach encompasses evidence-based therapies to guide individuals towards sustainable recovery. With a focus on addressing the underlying factors contributing to addiction, we empower clients to reclaim their lives and embrace lasting sobriety. Learn more about the various types of addiction therapy we offer:

Therapeutic Options for Addiction Treatment

Recreate Life Counseling, a treatment provider, offers a range of therapeutic options for addiction, such as substance abuse, substance use disorder, drug use, alcohol addiction, and alcohol use. The treatment center is an environment that encourages patients to fully realize their potential in the addiction recovery process. The supportive staff is highly experienced and qualified experts who will care for you, your loved one, or family members who wish to avail of any type of treatment in the facility or even aftercare. A range of treatment options and mental health services are offered; personalized care is the key to successful recovery from addiction. This may include individual therapy, group therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (dbt), holistic treatments, adventure therapy, trauma therapy, and other substance abuse treatment programs.


The kinds of healthcare treatment modalities available today might be new to people unaware of how therapeutic options have expanded over time. Each individual brings a unique history and background into the recovery process. Our programs are designed to assess each person and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to address weak areas and support strengths.


This can be a process of self-discovery, and many of our clients learn to understand how the addiction got triggered in the first place. This often unravels many deep-rooted memories, so our counseling sessions are designed to structure your recovery while enabling your healing.  


 Our mental health professionals highlight the strengths of each person by tailoring a treatment plan that enables these assets to emerge. The structured environment enables each person to develop the skills necessary to maintain a lasting recovery over time. The treatment plans are based on therapeutic modalities that have proven to get results. This evidence-based approach is effective at connecting each client with the type of therapeutic program that works best.  

As new treatments become available, people suffering from addiction often request guidance to find the right method. Becoming more familiar with the different types of therapies for addiction is helpful. For additional information, you can speak with a qualified addiction counselor to make the right decision for your needs.  

Therapeutic options ultimately seek to get to the root issues that drive the addictive behaviors. Interrupting the cycle of addiction is possible, but the treatment plan must be compatible with the needs of the individual in order to be effective.

Here is an overview of the most common treatment programs available at our facility:

Residential treatment: The residential treatment program is ideal for people who are in the early stages of their recovery. The environment supports developing skills that enable each client to practice sober living. This includes learning how various activities, locations, and people can trigger a relapse of the addictive behavior. Building a life free from these negative stimulations is a core part of the first stage of recovery. The supportive staff enables you to benefit from motivating activities, interact positively with others, and benefit from support group counseling sessions.  

Partial hospitalization: Individualization is an important part of our successful partial hospitalization program. The team of qualified professionals can help you through the most difficult moments of your detoxification (detox). The facilities are designed to promote sobriety and sustainable recovery. Our clients stay in a community environment that is supportive and compliant with strict standards.

Intensive outpatient program: The outpatient addiction therapy program allows patients to benefit from therapeutic services while also returning home at the end of the day. This is an ideal option for people who need to have a structured schedule for therapeutic purposes while remaining grounded within their community setting. This model integrates innovations in counseling, including relapse prevention services and cognitive behavioral therapy. This helps individuals to strengthen the skills necessary to avoid relapsing in the future.  

Medication assisted treatment: This treatment option works best for people suffering from addiction to strong drugs like opioids or heroin. The key to getting sober is to remain in a supportive and therapeutic environment long enough to build the skills necessary to maintain sobriety on your own. One of the options for getting the supportive care you need is the medication-assisted treatment program. Chronic use of drugs can disable the person’s ability to refrain from abuse. Medication-assisted treatment is available for individuals who require a more intensive level of intervention and care. The supportive environment and professional staff ensure that this care is delivered in an effective manner. 

Dual diagnosis: The presence of a co-occurring or dual diagnosis is an important part of any effective drug addiction treatment program. Many addicts are also suffering from underlying mental health issues that haven’t been addressed. This can include PTSD, depression and other mental health issues. The person experiencing the mental health problems might not be aware that there is an issue. There is a tendency for people living with an untreated mental health condition to attempt to relieve the symptoms through the use of alcohol or drugs. This situation can be treated with the proper access to professional therapeutic care. Our facility offers the best treatments for dual diagnosis with programs rooted in scientific evidence.  

Therapeutic options: Counseling sessions are done as individual therapy sessions or group therapy settings. The relapse prevention services ensure that each patient gets the required level of care. Programs include cognitive behavioral therapy, small group therapy sessions, and holistic therapeutic treatments. We also offer the traditional 12-step program for people familiar with this modality. Relapse prevention treatments are designed to meet your specific needs while helping you to develop effective coping strategies.


Visualizing a life free from addiction is one of the key elements to making the transition successfully. The atmosphere of recovery at our location is designed to be nurturing, safe, and structured. Since the goal is to facilitate a lasting recovery, we focus on enabling each client to recover at the level of the mind, body and spirit. The environment is very supportive, with various activities that are designed to enhance and complement each individual treatment plan.  Our facility is located in a warm location in the south of Florida. Residents can enjoy the scenic views while focusing on recovering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Every treatment plan is developed according to the needs of the individual because this has proven to be the most successful approach. This includes a variety of counseling options including individual, group and holistic therapy. Licensed professional counselors ensure that these sessions are safe and effective for everyone.

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Published on: 2021-12-22
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