Begin your recovery in our day or night addiction treatment program located in Sunny, South Florida.

People struggling with alcohol or drug abuse disorders often face endless treatment options. A treatment program suitable for one person may prove ineffective for another. At Recreate Life Counseling, we offer day or night treatment with community housing as a supportive treatment model focused on improving the lives of recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Our treatment professionals don’t just consider an individual’s state of mind and physical wellness during the assessment process but also the circumstance and environment in which therapy is provided. We understand that many addicts and alcoholics may hesitate to complete an intensive, long-term inpatient treatment program due to time constraints, family obligations, or employment.

Day or Night Treatment with Community Housing: What is it?

Day and night addiction treatment is a recovery program that provides group and individual therapy ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months. Our therapy sessions occur throughout the week at Recreate Life Counseling in Boynton Beach, Florida. Group therapy sessions last anywhere from three to five hours each day, while individual counseling is offered on a weekly basis. However, unlike in residential or inpatient treatment, where the client remains onsite 24 hours a day, our addiction recovery clients receive their counseling at our state-of-the-art rehab center while living in supervised recovery residences.

In such an environment, you become accountable to yourself, thereby minimizing the risk of a relapse. You learn the skills needed to take care of yourself while living responsibly. It is an established fact that people, places, and associations can act as triggers leading to relapse, especially in the early phase of recovery.

A remarkable feature of partial care is that you live among people with a common goal – living a sober and drug-free environment while receiving intensive therapy on a daily basis. This means that you are surrounded by like-minded people who learn from one another and motivate one another through teamwork.

By staying in a controlled residence and attending your individual and group therapy sessions, you dramatically reduce the risk of experiencing a relapse. This way, our clients are better prepared for a smooth reintegration back into society and a real-world setting.

Who is Our Partial Hospitalization Program Best Suited for?

At Recreate Life Counselling, our day or night treatment with community housing provides a measure of flexibility best suited for individuals who cannot commit to long-term residential care but still want to reap all of the benefits of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. PHP addiction treatment has been structured to allow you to meet your everyday responsibilities. You also have the opportunity to fix your treatment sessions around our existing treatment schedules. An added benefit of partial care is that you get unrestricted access to our experienced staff round the clock.

Why does it work so well?

Our partial hospitalization program works so well because you have a support system to lean on when the going gets tough. We have a safely monitored residence that is conducive to the long-term recovery of our clients. Successfully overcoming substance abuse is quite challenging, and that’s why we have adopted an individualized approach to treating the underlying causes of addiction.

Recreate Life Counseling has been successful in helping our clients through a combination of day and night treatment with community housing by adhering strictly to the standards required of treatment providers. Our success can also be attributed to the level of specialized care tailored to meet individual needs. These include:

We offer a comprehensive treatment plan packed with a variety of treatment activities such as:

  • Family therapy
  • Case management
  • Gender-specific groups
  • Meditation sessions

During these sessions, you will acquire communication skills, decision-making skills, time management skills, and other techniques that are vital for normal and drug-free functioning in society. You will learn to collaborate with members of your treatment group to plan your recovery and overcome adversity.

Published on: 2019-02-17
Updated on: 2024-05-16