Drug and alcohol rehab involves a long-term commitment to your recovery along with a financial investment. However, if you have health insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, your treatment can be covered at many addiction rehab facilities.

As a drug rehab that takes BCBS health insurance, we work hand-in-hand with BCBS to ensure your treatment stay is stress-free. We want our patients to focus on themselves and getting better, instead of worrying about any financial strain from deciding to enter a treatment program.

Is Drug Treatment Covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield?

At Recreate Life Counseling, drug treatment may be covered by your health insurance plan. For many insurance plans, there are specific areas of coverage when it comes to behavioral health that deals with addiction treatment. Our Boynton Beach treatment program works with major health insurance providers to offer the most accessible form of drug rehab for men and women struggling with substance abuse throughout the country. In most cases of drug treatment, there are multiple stages and levels of care which follow the provisions and recommendations of the Affordable Care Act:

  • Detoxification: This is usually the pre-treatment phase where you will need to rid your body of addictive substances. This phase should be handled with extreme caution and precision because of the severe withdrawal symptoms of some substances. It calls for professional help and it is often done in a medically-assisted drug detox program.
  • Treatment: Whether it’s partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient care, our drug rehab accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for the duration of your treatment stay. While most rehab insurance plans cover outpatient care, sometimes separate arrangements are made for inpatient treatments. For most patients with a BlueCross BlueShield plan, they are likely eligible to have a large portion of inpatient addiction treatment costs covered.
  • Medication: In your journey sobriety, you will likely get placed on a few medications. These medications are usually introduced to address any drug cravings or withdrawal symptoms that might come up in the process of detoxification and the treatment phases. It is ideal to have an insurance plan covering this for you.

Find BlueCross BlueShield Drug Treatment Centers

For many people who have decided to lead sober lives, the cost of rehabilitation always seems like a barrier. However, BlueCross BlueShield health insurance plans can help you minimize financial uncertainty. Our BCBS drug rehab programs provide an opportunity for men and women to recover safely in a supportive recovery atmosphere.

Take the stress out of searching for treatment and focus on the journey ahead. Contact our team of addiction professionals if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Blue Cross Blue Shield drug treatment coverage. As a BCBS drug treatment center, we will work closely with your health insurance provider to make your rehabilitation a hassle-free experience.

Published on: 2019-04-01
Updated on: 2024-05-06