The best way to treat someone with a severe substance use disorder is for the person you love to enter into an inpatient rehabilitation facility. A substance use disorder is a disease that needs to be treated medically, and it must be done in a treatment facility. You and your loved one may be concerned that this treatment would cost too much but neglecting to obtain this treatment is not an option. Fortunately, Molina Health insurance can help your loved one pay for their treatment.

What Is Molina Healthcare Insurance?

Molina Healthcare insurance comes from a managed healthcare company located in California. This healthcare company offers people government-based healthcare plans in your state. As such, it provides your insurance coverage with your state’s Medicare or Medicaid programs. It may also work with healthcare programs that the marketplace exchange programs offer.

Behavior Healthcare from Molina Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act requires that health insurance plans provide coverage for substance use treatment. Your loved one must purchase the plan through your state’s marketplace exchange to qualify. The plans that your loved one can purchase may differ, so your loved one will have several options. In general, they should find a plan that covers a portion of their inpatient or outpatient treatment program for substance use disorder.

In most cases, the health plan that your loved one already has or may purchase on the marketplace exchange will cover most of their drug or alcohol treatment at ReCreate Life Counseling. If their doctor can state that treatment for your loved one’s substance use disorder is medically necessary, a plan that they purchase from Molina Healthcare will cover the cost of inpatient services. They may also be required to pay a co-pay, but we can determine this before your loved one enters the program.

Depending upon the plan, 60% to 80% of the cost of your loved one’s treatment may be covered by their health plan. This significantly reduces the amount you and your loved one will need to pay for the treatment they so desperately need. The cost of substance use disorder treatment is often a barrier to obtaining treatment, but a health plan can help reduce those costs and make it easier for your loved ones to accept that they need treatment.

Insurances Accepted at ReCreate Life Counseling

At ReCreate Life Counseling, our intake specialists can verify your loved one’s insurance coverage to ensure that the treatment will be covered. We can also offer you different forms of payment to help your loved one pay for the services in the event that their Molina Healthcare plan doesn’t cover the entire amount.

Your loved one must obtain evidence-based treatment for their substance use disorder. If they do not receive it, their addiction will only get worse. Therefore, you cannot allow money to stand in your way of getting your loved one help for their addiction. Many people use a health plan to help pay for their drug or alcohol treatment, which is the best option.

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Published on: 2021-12-30
Updated on: 2024-05-06