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We are one of the best Empire BCBS drug rehab centers with a focus on individualized treatment plans.

Understanding the specifics of your Empire BCBS policy and how it covers addiction treatment can be confusing. At our Empire BCBS drug rehab center, we have experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of your insurance policy and can provide a free insurance benefits check. When you’ve completed our confidential assessment, you can then focus on what is truly important – breaking free from the chains of your drug addiction.

Do you currently have an Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance policy? If so, our Empire BCBS drug treatment center is available to provide you with cutting edge substance abuse treatment.

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What is Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield is a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield that provides insurance coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in all parts of New York. Its parent company is Anthem, Inc. Other independently operated agencies of BCBS are Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc. and Empire HealthChoice HMO, Inc.

Empire BCBS recognizes that mental health issues and substance abuse can negatively impact people’s lives. The company makes it a focus to provide access to mental health services that can help you cope effectively with these types of challenges. Empire BCBS prides itself in providing quality healthcare coverage for New York residents for over 80 years.

What to Expect From Our Empire BCBS Drug Rehab Center

At Recreate Life Counseling, we want you to receive the right treatment option without being worried about how you are going to pay for treatment. It is true that drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs can be costly if you’re paying out-of-pocket. However, with the right health insurance policy in place, you can have your treatment cost fully or partially covered while receiving the best addiction treatment services. As an Empire Plan drug rehab, we’ve helped countless families overcome the disease of addiction successfully.

Our cooperation with many health insurance companies has made Recreate Life Counseling an Empire BCBS drug rehab center. We are a JCAHO accredited facility that offers the highest standard of addiction care and substance abuse treatment. Since BCBS is one of the leading insurance companies in the United States, you can be sure to receive an appropriate level of care such as:

If you have an Empire BCBS insurance plan, then you should expect to have multiple options when it comes to substance abuse treatment. All of this is made possible under the umbrella of the New York State Health Insurance Plan (NYSHIP). Under this plan, you are entitled to a number of medical services which include substance abuse, dental, eye care and surgery.

For all levels of the Empire BCBS plan, you are required to pay some deductibles that coincide with your specific plan. In the event you are covered under an HMO plan, you may be entitled to up to sixty outpatient treatment sessions per year, without spending an extra buck out of pocket.

Drug Rehab that Accepts Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

If you are searching for an Empire BCBS drug treatment facility, then you need to look no further. Just like your standard Blue Cross Blue Shield, we accept your Empire BCBS insurance policy to take care of your substance abuse medical expenses.

With any level of plan, you can expect substantial coverage for your treatment at Recreate Life Counseling. We know that not everyone has a budget set aside to cover for expenses related to costs to rehab services, especially when you’re in active addiction and life is chaotic. Our dedicated specialists can help you verify the extent of coverage you can expect to receive from your insurance company. Simply give us a call for a confidential assessment and we will be glad to assist you or a loved one.

Empire BCBS Addiction Treatment Coverage

Having a clear picture of the financial implications of your treatment is important to your recovery. Recreate Life Counseling has a long history of accepting Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. We are one of the most preferred recovery service providers in its network.

Let’s help you get on the path to recovery today. Contact us around the clock to have your Empire BCBS addiction treatment coverage verified. By finding the courage to reach out for help, you’re taking the first step on the road to long-term sobriety.

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