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Boynton Beach Residence

Comfort and safety are the key principles of our certified recovery residences. With proper guidance and support, our clients are able to avoid relapses in the crucial transitional period between treatment and reintegration into the real world.

Delray Beach Residence

Our Delray Beach certified recovery residences are close to twelve step meetings and sober activities. Minutes from the beach, this tranquil environment is the perfect place to get better and start putting together the broken pieces of your life.

A Safe Haven: Understanding Certified Recovery Residences at Recreate Life Counseling, Boynton Beach

Recovery residences, also known as “recovery houses” or “sober living homes”, are residence facilities that offer a safe haven for people recovering from substance abuse disorders.

However, not all recovery residences are created equal, as some of these residences are evaluated and recognized by various organizations to offer excellent support services and a code of ethics, which ensures the quality of support and higher chances of long-term recovery.

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through a brief overview of the certified recovery residences at Recreate Life Counseling, Boynton Beach, and how they can help achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Understanding the Purpose and Benefits of Recovery Residences

Before diving into details about recovery residences, let’s start by having a quick look at their purpose and how they can help people suffering from addiction enhance their chances of successful, long-term abstinence.

As previously established, recovery homes are non-medical, transitional-phase residences that act as a bridge between rehab facilities and home treatment.

They provide an alcohol and illicit drug-free environment to support its residents on their journey to recover from substance abuse disorder.

Besides offering regular residential services, these facilities also offer recovery support services, ranging from peer-to-peer support all the way to dedicated clinical counseling, all to achieve long-term sobriety and addiction recovery.

These houses, especially certified ones, also help their residents build strong recovery support networks by encouraging their residents to connect and learn essential skills to maintain their sobriety and avoid relapsing.

While all people suffering from addiction can benefit from the services of a certified recovery residence, the safe and supporting setting in a recovery home is mainly designed for those transitioning from intense in-patient treatment but not ready yet to fully return to their daily lives.

Overview of Recreate Life Counseling

Recreate Life Counseling is a certified facility that offers a wide range of addiction treatment and therapy services.

The facility uses a wide range of treatment services to help people suffering from addiction find their way back to themselves.

These include individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, adventure therapy, as well as holistic therapy techniques like acupuncture.

Recreate Life Counseling is a JCAHO-certified drug rehab facility with various locations in Florida, including the certified recovery residence in Boynton Beach.

This location gives the facility plenty of extra advantages that can massively boost its recovery success rates.

The clean air, along with the comfortable weather all year round helps residents feel at ease and encourages them to communicate and find proper guidance to reintegrate themselves into the real world once again.

The Importance of Certification for Recovery Residences

One of the primary aspects to look for while choosing a recovery home is its certifications. A certified recovery residence has the credentials and qualifications that let you know that you’re in safe hands.

These certifications are granted by third-party organizations, each with its own guidelines and quality standards, whether they’re associated with the facility itself, the staff, the treatment methods, or a combination of them.

There are many certifications a recovery residence can earn. These can vary in localization and specification, such as:

    • The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

    • The National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR)

    • The Joint Commission for Quality Standards  (JCAHO)

Having proper certifications come with a variety of advantages that makes a recovery residence stand out.

A recovery residence with proper certification ensures trustworthiness and credibility, as the facility shows commitment to ethical practices and high-quality standards while helping its residents to find their way to full, long-term recovery.

Proper certification also means safety during treatment. This is because the certifying organizations will also check the recovery house’s code of conduct and how it abides by the latest treatment guidelines to achieve optimal results.

Some government agencies and insurance companies may also require recovery residences to get certified in order to receive funding. This can help to make recovery residences more affordable and accessible for residents.

Features of Certified Recovery Residences at Recreate Life Counseling

As an accredited and certified recovery residence, Recreate Life Counseling is a safe oasis for anyone seeking long-term recovery and needing extra support during the crucial transnational phase.

The facility’s location gives it multiple advantages, as it strikes an excellent balance between recovery and comfort.

Excellent Location and Weather

The recovery home is minutes from sandy beaches where residents can enjoy some fresh air and calming scenery.

The consistently comfortable weather also helps residents overcome the mood shifts and other triggers associated with relapsing during this challenging and critical phase of addiction treatment.

Another advantage associated with the location of the Recreate Life Counseling recovery residence is its proximity to several 12-step meetings and various sobriety activities in the area.

Attending meetings and engaging in various activities are essential parts of achieving full recovery and maintaining long-term sobriety.

Clean Facility with Experienced and Caring Staff

The residence is clean and well-organized to support a stress-free environment, and while it has highly knowledgeable staff members with high-end medical rapport, it’s designed to give cozy vibes, which play a significant role in preparing residents for their next step in life.

For instance, the recovery house offers in-premise individual counseling and group therapy sessions, but unlike rehabilitation centers, residents feel more at ease, which encourages them to engage and achieve their goals of relapse-free recovery.

Supportive and Trigger-Free Environment

Recreate Life Counseling recovery residences also have a clockwork system with several guidelines and responsibilities to maintain a supportive environment for everyone.

This is essential for creating a trigger-free environment where residents are encouraged to communicate and interact to avoid relapsing.

The Role of Recovery Residences in the Continuum of Care

Recovery residences provide a safe and supportive environment where people can focus on their recovery, away from the triggers and temptations of their old lives.

This is especially true for patients who struggle with recurring relapses as well as those who went through lengthy in-patient residential treatment.

In that case, integrating the recovery residence as part of the treatment plan is crucial to prepare the recovering resident for independent living.

This can include helping them to set goals, develop a daily routine, regain their confidence, and connect with recovery support services around them.

In recovery homes, the resident also gains access to the same recovery support services, such as counseling, therapy, and peer-support meetings, which help them to maintain their sobriety, prevent relapses and enjoy successful and long-term recovery progress.

Staff and Peer Support in Recovery Residences

A good recovery residence focuses primarily on providing support, whether from the staff members or from other residents of the facility.

On one hand, the experienced and qualified staff members offer proper guidance to fight the temptation to relapse while managing the residence to keep it in optimal conditions for safety and comfort.

Scientific studies also highlight the remarkable value of sober living homes. According to a 2021 study, recovery homes increase the chances of successful addiction treatment with longer periods of abstinence

On the other hand, peer support can also be a vital part of the recovery journey, as it provides recovering patients with encouragement and understanding. In recovery residences, peer support can take a variety of forms, including:

    • 12-step meetings

    • Support groups

    • Mentorship and coaching

    • Creating sober social connections to offer mutual support

How to Join the Certified Recovery Residences at Recreate Life Counseling

If you or your loved one need extended recovery residence and you find Recreate Life Counseling a good fit, this section will show you how to join the recovery home.

Luckily, getting admitted to the recovery house is fairly easy, as the facility has admissions counselors available 24/7 to help you through the process and answer any questions you might have. You can communicate with the facility through live chat or phone at (888) 685-3082.

To get a quick feel of what life at the Recreate Life Counseling recovery residences look like, you can check out the facility’s virtual tour and photo gallery.

Recreate Life Counseling also offers a flexible range of payment methods, including financing options as well as insurance acceptance. You can also verify your insurance eligibility confidentially through the facility’s website and get a reply and a quote shortly after.


This marks the end of today’s guide that walks you through everything you need to know about certified recovery residences and how they can improve the chances of successful treatment.

As you can see, the proper guidance, support, and comfortable environment that those sober living homes create can be an incredible step toward a lengthy and healthy recovery! Click here to get in contact with Recreate Life Counseling.


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