Why is Alcohol Legal to Buy?

While it is widely acceptable to buy and drink alcohol, it is still responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths every single year. And even though it is so dangerous and addictive, everyone continues to normalize alcohol consumption in ways that would never be tolerated with other drugs. Alcohol is being pushed in our faces everywhere we turn. It is advertised on social media, on billboards, television, and available any from grocery stores to gas stations and even your favorite restaurants.

Due to how acceptable drinking alcohol is, it can be that much harder to recover from its grasps, even with the help of rehabilitation centers. But if alcohol is such a risky substance that is responsible for taking so many lives, then why is it legal and more accessible than other drugs?

Why is Alcohol Legal to Buy?

What Happens When You Ban Alcohol 

Alcohol has not always been a legal substance. There were 13 years in the early 1900s where there was a nationwide ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of any alcoholic beverages. Its failure was pretty eminent within the first couple of years. The aim was to heal a sick society that alcohol-related problems like alcoholism, family violence, and corruption caused. It was presented as a battle for public morals and health. Prohibition did not last long and only went on until 1933.

Prohibition and Alcohol Consumption

There may be a few different reasons why no one has tried to ban alcohol since the failure of Prohibition. For one, the alcohol industry is just too powerful. The alcoholic beverage industry contributed more than $400 billion to the US economy in just one year alone and employed almost 4 million people. Making alcohol illegal again would strike a very large blow to the US economy.

Alcohol has also been around since ancient times. There has never been a time within the recorded history of our country where alcohol has not been a part of our experience. That is a ton of tradition to try and overcome. Alcohol is also very easy to produce, even when it was banned. You can make tasty and cheap alcohol even at home.

Alcoholism and Recovery

For an alcoholic in recovery, there are triggers and temptations around every corner. One of the main keys to long-term success is starting fresh. This includes cutting out old places, people, behaviors, and substances that once controlled your life. The problem with alcohol is that it is impossible for a person to completely avoid it unless you become a complete hermit that never leaves your house, watches TV, or goes on the Internet. Alcohol is everywhere all of the time. The large pressure to drink and the popularity of alcohol makes it very difficult to remain sober and at a healthy distance.

One of the most important aspects of fighting against the urges of alcohol is changing the way you perceive it.  At the moment, most people do not think of alcohol as a mind-altering drug, so alcoholism is treated as a rare exception. As long as alcohol remains the social norm in your mind, then alcoholism and the problems it causes in a person’s life will continue to be ignored.

Addicted to Alcohol?

For those who are struggling with alcoholism and recognize the seriousness of this disease, inpatient rehab at a trusted facility is the best place to go if you want to get your life back on track, teach yourself about the causes of your addiction, and learn ways to avoid a relapse in the future. Alcoholism isn’t an easy thing to fight; luckily you do not have to do it on your own. Call Recreate Life Counseling to get help with chronic alcoholism.