What Does Tramadol Feel Like?

Tramadol is a potent prescription painkiller with a high potential for abuse, one that is most commonly prescribed for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. This medication generally comes in the form of small white pills or tablets, and the most common methods of ingestion are swallowing the pill whole or crushing it up and snorting it (snorting any medication that is not meant to be ingested nasally is considered abuse).

Can Tramadol Be Abused?

Because the potential for abuse is so high, prescribing physicians tend to utilize Tramadol as a “last resort.” The physical and psychological symptoms that go hand-in-hand with Tramadol abuse are often likened to the symptoms associated with heroin abuse – but on a slightly lower level. Even though this medication is prescribed by medical professionals, it is as addictive as heroin when taken in high doses – and it can be equally as dangerous when consistently abused. Common side effects associated with Tramadol abuse (when the medication is taken as prescribed) include:

  • Feelings of calmness and relaxation
  • Fleeting feelings of extreme happiness and euphoria
  • Tiredness, fatigue, and lethargy – those who use Tramadol often report a noticeable decrease in energy levels
  • Gastrointestinal issues, like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation
  • A lack of appetite and disinterest in food, which can lead to weight loss
  • Irritability, agitation, and severe mood swings – those who are abusing Tramadol often experience angry outbursts and overreactions for no apparent reason
  • Mild physical symptoms like itchiness of the skin or profuse sweating

Again, these symptoms are liable to occur even when Tramadol is taken exactly as prescribed by a medical professional. The symptoms of Tramadol abuse and addiction are slightly different.

What Does Tramadol Feel Like?

What Does a Tramadol High Feel Like?

To those who are abusing Tramadol, the physical and psychological sensations that occur present quite differently on a person-to-person basis. However, most individuals who abuse this specific narcotic painkiller report feeling relaxed and euphoric. They also frequently report feeling especially tired and fatigued, and unmotivated to carry out daily responsibilities and personal obligations. Several symptoms go hand-in-hand with Tramadol addiction, including:

  • Taking more Tramadol than prescribed
  • Taking the medication more frequently than prescribed
  • Spending a significant amount of time attempting to obtain Tramadol
  • Visiting numerous doctors in hopes of acquiring more than one prescription at a time
  • Searching through the medicine cabinets of close friends and family members in hopes of finding unused Tramadol prescriptions
  • Neglecting personal responsibilities and obligations
  • Isolating from loved ones/an increased need for secrecy
  • Developing a physical tolerance, meaning a higher dose of Tramadol is required for the same results to be produced
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped suddenly

Recreate Life Counseling and Tramadol Addiction Recovery

At Recreate Life Counseling, we have extensive experience treating men and women of all ages who have been struggling with Tramadol addiction. We understand how difficult it can be for those who have been grappling with active addiction to commit to a long-term program of recovery – making major changes is never a walk in the park, even when these changes benefit everyone involved. Aside from that fact, individuals who suffer from Tramadol addiction often experience intense – sometimes overwhelming – psychological drug cravings whenever they stop using.

We know how uncomfortable and dangerous these cravings can be, and we utilize several proven clinical techniques and therapeutic methods to alleviate cravings as much as possible. Our number one priority is ensuring that all of our clients have the tools they need to maintain sobriety for years to come. For more information on our comprehensive program of drug addiction recovery or to begin your journey of healing today, give Recreate Life Counseling a call.