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Addiction problems often come knocking when families least expect them. At such times, it may place heavy financial stress on the addict and their families. This has resulted in many individuals hesitating to seek much-needed help because they are afraid that the cost of substance abuse treatment is way too high for them to afford.

If you have felt that way, you are not alone. In fact, some research shows that only 10% of those who need help with addiction problems actually receive the help they need. At the same time, many middle-income individuals have been able to receive treatment at some of the best rehab centers because they have a health insurance policy. If you’re searching for United Healthcare drug rehab centers, please continue reading.

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United Healthcare Insurance assists policyholders that want to receive quality care for addiction treatment by offering a number of coverage options. It comes as a surprise to some that they can actually have their rehab services covered by a United Healthcare drug rehab facility. At Recreate Life Counseling in Boynton Beach, Florida, we offer world-class drug rehab services and accept most of the top insurance providers, including United Healthcare.

About United Healthcare Insurance

United Healthcare is one of the leading health insurance providers in the United States. It has been on top of the list of the World’s Most Admired Companies for five years in a row. It provides different levels of plans for individuals as well as employers. The company serves about 70 million customers and has been in business for over 40 years. United Healthcare offers members a wide range of coverage for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. They also offer supplemental coverage for vision, dental and general health.

As a policyholder, you can expect UnitedHealthcare to pay for some or all of your cost of:

Finding a drug rehab that accepts United Healthcare insurance is not always easy. With the establishment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by President Obama in 2010, the healthcare landscape in the US was revolutionized completely. Addiction problems became recognized as a valid behavioral health concern. Many insurance providers, United Healthcare inclusive, were then forced to comply with the new policy and offer some measure of coverage for substance abuse treatment.

Does United Healthcare Cover Addiction Treatment At Rehab Facilities?

We recommend contacting our admissions professionals so we can assess your addiction treatment coverage and benefits. In most cases, this insurance provider does not expect mental health providers to be in its network, although this varies across plans and locations.

While some plans may provide coverage for out-of-network service, others may require you pay a higher deductible in order to qualify for benefits from providers not in their network. It’s very important to understand what additional cost you will be responsible for when entering a United Healthcare drug rehab program.

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If you are wondering if your insurance plan can cover for your addiction treatment, then get in touch with one of the addiction specialists at Recreate Life Counseling. We provide cost-free verification of your insurance coverage and advice you on what type of benefits you can hope to receive from your United Healthcare policy. As a United Healthcare drug treatment center, you’ll be amazed at how much of your rehab stay can be covered by health insurance.

Do not waste another day trying to figure out if you qualify for drug and alcohol rehab at a top-rated facility such as Recreate Life Counseling. Delays in starting treatment due to financial consideration can result in more harm for you or your loved one. Let’s take the burden away from you and get you started today on the journey to long-term sobriety.

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