Bachelorette Contestant Tyler Gwozdz Dead at 29

Tyler Gwozdz, a former reality television series contestant from the show “The Bachelorette,” has died of a suspected drug overdose. He was rushed to a hospital on January 13th after a woman called 911 stating he was unconscious in the bathroom of a Boca Raton apartment, and that it could be a heroin overdose. Once rescuers arrived at the location, he was transported and admitted into the intensive care unit, where he died January 22nd.

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Bachelorette star Tyler Gwozdz dead from suspected opioid overdose

The Palm Beach Post reports that authorities from the Boca Raton police department have confirmed that an investigation will move forward to determine what happened to Gwozdz. Although no official statement has been released on the exact cause of his death, the 911 call does indicate that heroin could be the drug that caused his death. The woman who called 911 is not being identified, but the 911 dispatch call recording suggests that she was aware of drug use.

A woman called 911 and told a dispatcher that Gwozdz had locked himself in a bathroom in her home amid a possible overdose of heroin. In the frantic five-minute call, the woman, who described herself as a friend of Gwozdz, is heard pleading for Gwozdz to wake up. During the call, she broke into the bathroom and found Gwozdz unresponsive and lying on his side. The dispatcher instructed her to turn him onto his back. “Is he breathing?” the dispatcher asked. “I can’t tell. I can’t tell. I’m so scared,” she said. Rescue crews took him to a hospital where it appears he remained until his death Wednesday. (PBP)

Gwozdz was not just a reality tv contestant; he also had a side business in Dream Therapy Analysis, according to the Chicago Tribune and ABC news. Gwozdz was also aspiring to become a clinical psychologist. Gwozdz’s time on the hit tv show “The Bachelorette” included a one on one date with Hannah Brown. Although fans were captivated by Gwozdz and hopeful to see him continue to the finals, Gwozdz only appeared twice on the show “and left the show abruptly after his date with Brown in May 2019,” said the Chicago Tribune.

Whether or not Gwozdz’s sudden departure from the show was related to drug addiction is not clear but can be speculated upon. Heroin and other opiate addicts will pursue their drug of choice no matter the loss or cost. For Gwozdz, if he was addicted to heroin or another type of drug his leaving the show without reason could be an indicator.

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Heroin addiction is a horrible existence. Addicts must continue to use heroin to avoid the physical withdrawal symptoms that it causes people who have become addicted to it. The recent tragedy of Gwozdz’s death, although it is not confirmed to be a heroin overdose, it still brings to mind the reality of who can become a heroin addict. Heroin and opiate addiction affect all populations. It is no longer considered a ghetto drug. Numerous film and tv stars have admitted to being addicted to heroin, such as Robert Downey Junior, Eric Clapton and others who are now living clean and sober.

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