Are There Any Positive Effects to LSD Use?

LSD, more commonly referred to as acid, is a psychedelic drug used recreationally to enhance and mind-altering effects. There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding this particular psychoactive substance and its potential benefits. For quite some time, LSD has been used in a medical setting to help patients overcome certain psychological issues.

LSD is Effective For Alcoholism Treatment?

There is recorded evidence that Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, actually experimented with LSD on his quest to find an effective alcoholism treatment. According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health:

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and other serotonergic hallucinogens can induce profound alterations of consciousness and mystical-type experiences, with reportedly long-lasting effects on subjective well-being and personality.

Are there any positive effects to LSD use, or should people be aware of this mind and mood-altering chemical substance? The truth is, there is no safe way to use any illegal chemical substance – including LSD.

Are There Any Positive Effects to LSD Use?

Positive Effects of LSD Use 

Numerous studies point to the fact that LSD can have a positive and lasting impact on mood when taken in small doses for a prolonged time. Subjects who engaged in medically monitored micro-dosing for weeks and months were found to experience positive changes to mood, altruistic and positive social effects, positive behavior changes, and an increase in overall feelings of well-being and satisfaction with life. When people used LSD in higher doses, they reported having personally meaningful experiences that were often spiritual.

LSD Can Damage Cognitive Functioning

In contrast, this does not necessarily mean that taking LSD is the right decision – particularly if you have a history of substance abuse or dependence. People who have a genetic predisposition to addiction or have underlying conditions such as a mental illness or unresolved trauma have a higher propensity for psychedelic abuse. LSD taken in large amounts for any length of time can permanently damage cognitive functioning. As a result, in most cases, the risk is not greater than the reward.

Psychedelic Abuse and Dependence 

Psychedelic abuse is widely believed not to lead to physical or psychological dependence. Unfortunately, it is far from the truth, especially if the person who misused the substance has an underlying issue. People who use LSD typically use the drug to escape their current circumstances. Because this drug is dissociative and causes auditory and visual hallucinations, people often use it as a short-term form of escapism.

However, people who are constantly dealing with high-stress situations or other unpleasant environmental factors might be inclined to attempt escaping from their current circumstances more often than not. This can easily lead to a psychological dependence that can internally lead to serious and lasting health issues. If you or someone you love has been misusing LSD or any other psychedelic drug, we are available to help.

What is Polydrug Abuse?

In many cases, people who abuse psychedelic drugs simultaneously abuse other chemical substances like alcohol, prescription painkillers, or heroin. Abusing more than one chemical substance at a time is known as polydrug abuse. Anyone who engages in polydrug abuse will need to undergo a long-term clinical care program in a designated addiction treatment program.

Recreate Life Counseling and Psychedelic Abuse Recovery 

Recreate Life Counseling treats addictive disorders of all types and severity levels. We understand that coming to terms with an LSD abuse disorder can be difficult. This chemical substance is far less frequently abused than drugs like methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine. However, LSD abuse is still a prevalent issue, and unless adequately treated, it can lead to permanent problems.

For more information on our comprehensive programs of psychedelic abuse recovery, contact us today. Our addiction specialists are available around the clock and are happy to answer any questions. They can also help you find the best addiction program that is right for you. Rest assured all calls are free and confidential.