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outpatient treatment

October 7, 2016
dual diagnosis

Outpatient Rehab Center

“Two Things at Once – Treating Dual Diagnosis at an Outpatient Rehab Center” Getting the Diagnosis Right, Both of Them Written By, Kirk Markey — October 7, 2016 It’s something you see every day, at every outpatient rehab center in the country. A client comes in […]
September 20, 2016

“Why Choose Outpatient Treatment Services?”

Outpatient Treatment Services: Recreate Life Counseling The World Doesn’t Stop Spinning Just Because You Do Written By, Kirk Markey – September 20, 2016 Outpatient treatment services combine recovery with participation in the everyday world.  They can be perfect for the addict whose disease has started to […]
September 15, 2016
outpatient treatment in west palm beach

Outpatient Treatment In West Palm Beach

“What’s Different About Recreate Counseling’s Outpatient Treatment In West Palm Beach?” Well, how bad do you want it? Written By, Kirk Markey – September 15, 2016 What a wonderful idea – tranquility in paradise and you by the ocean watching the world continue to spin.  That’s […]
September 2, 2016

4 Benefits of Outpatient Treatment | Recreate

4 Benefits of Outpatient Treatment To overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol and maintain long-term sobriety, many people need professional addiction treatment. For more severe addictions, some people require residential or inpatient treatment that provides 24-hour care in a hospital-like setting. But for others transitioning […]