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Day and Night Addiction Treatment

“It Takes a Village To Recreate Your Life”

A Genuine Community Spirit

The despair of addiction seems endless sometimes, but families can find lasting hope at a good outpatient rehab for Lake Worth area residents.  This relief comes from two basic sources – the quality of care and the recovery community that’s grown up around it.  When a family in crisis brings their addicted loved one to outpatient treatment in Boynton Beach, Florida, they give them the best chance for authentic recovery.   The sunny Florida weather doesn’t hurt either of course.  It’s always warm and the ocean has a restorative power for every addict who comes to do outpatient rehab for Lake Worth residents.

A genuine community spirit softens the painful blows of early recovery.  It’s like the feeling of safety survivors feel when they escape disaster.  Clients treated at an outpatient rehab for Lake Worth residents start to feel at home at world, many for the first time.  They learn to put the needs of others before their own.  They learn to bask in another’s success, when before all they felt was contempt.  Outpatient rehab in Boynton Beach begins a process of spiritual growth, one that is more and more rewarding as time passes.

How to Blend in and Stand Out at the Same Time

As an outpatient rehab in South Florida, Recreate Life Counseling is an integral part of a wondrous community.  It participates in and supports the growth of every recovering addict, whether they happen to be a client or not.  This is the fulfillment of Recreate Life’s founding vision – to stand in solidarity with anyone suffering the pain of addiction.

Outpatient Rehab for Lake Worth Residents

Recreate Life is proud of the place it holds as an outpatient rehab for Lake Worth residents.  Yet it measures its own success by the progress of its clients alone.  Recreate Life Counseling exists for the sole purpose of servicing its clients and their families.  It serves the community both directly and indirectly, by catering first to individual needs.

Authentic recovery has nothing to do with conformity.  Community and conformity are two completely different things.  Recreate Life Counseling embodies this distinction with everything they do.  They pay close attention to the needs of clients and their families.  They design a recovery plan that’s tailor made to meet these needs.  And then they refine it whenever necessary, to deliver the newly sober addict the best combination of all the possible worlds.

Outpatient Rehab Center

“Two Things at Once – Treating Dual Diagnosis at an Outpatient Rehab Center”

Getting the Diagnosis Right, Both of Them

It’s something you see every day, at every outpatient rehab center in the country. A client comes in for drug treatment and they’re suffering terribly.  They’re desperate, terrified, and terminally sad.  They present symptoms of every emotional and mental disorder the human race has ever seen.  It’s a clear case of dual diagnosis, right?

Maybe, maybe not.  The truth is most addicts come to an outpatient rehab center  with symptoms of this or that emotional disorder.  How could they not?  They’re coming off months and years of systematic drug and alcohol abuse.  They’re bound to feel terrible in a number of ways.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean they have a dual diagnosis.  

With a little abstinence and treatment, sometimes these symptoms go away on their own.  Unfortunately, dual diagnosis doesn’t work that way.  When substance abuse is accompanied by mental illness, the symptoms can linger long after the using stops.  That’s why the outpatient rehab center has to get the diagnosis right.  

One Mind with Two Conditions and all of it Treatable

But once the diagnosis is made, the outpatient rehab can get to work treating it.  They’ll probably use something called parallel treatment.  This just means they’ll treat both parts of the disorder at the same time.  In the past, therapists might treat one part first, then the other.  But now most professionals consider dual diagnosis as part of a continuum.  

What Makes a Good Outpatient Rehab Center?

A good outpatient rehab center offers specialized treatment for dual diagnosis clients, not just a mix of two different modes.  Every treatment plan is different, but most dual diagnosis protocols have many things in common.  The key is that the treatment be properly integrated, that all the moving parts are moving together towards recovery.

Dual diagnosis treatment plans focus on building self esteem, confidence, and tools for long term recovery.  They acknowledge the need for psychiatric medications and suggest them when appropriate.  They pinpoint specific therapeutic needs and work vigorously to address them.  And when the outpatient treatment is finished, they set up aftercare programs to sustain both recovery and sound mental health.    

“Why Choose Outpatient Treatment Services?”

Outpatient Treatment Services: Recreate Life Counseling

The World Doesn’t Stop Spinning Just Because You Do

Outpatient treatment services combine recovery with participation in the everyday world.  They can be perfect for the addict whose disease has started to drive them back into themselves, and away from community, work, and family.  Showing up for life is a crucial aspect of long term recovery.  Outpatient treatment services facilitate this, even as they deliver the same type of programming as residential rehabs. 

Life goes on, right?  It doesn’t stop just because you’re looking to transform yourself.  Bills need paid and somebody has to feed the kids.  You might not be in a position to go away for 28 or 60 days.  28 or 60 more days, that is.  Many addicts have been gone long enough, gone from the people they need for love and support, the same people who need them in return.  Recovery, like life, derives meaning from participation.

Intensive outpatient treatments change lives, just like residential facilities.  They let addicts apply what they learn immediately, so they can see what does and doesn’t work in their unique situations. Essentially, outpatient treatment is a back and forth process, like on the job training for a better life.  Outpatient treatment is ongoing.   It lets addicts and their families store up food for the bad weather to come, even as the winter is gathering.   

Maybe we should ease into things?

Residential treatments are wonderful.  They provide recovery tools, safety, and round the clock support.  They are often necessary, especially if the addict is experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms or has relapsed several times.  But leaving inpatient facilities can be difficult.  After several intense weeks away, returning to life can be overwhelming, like a shock to a delicate system.  Outpatient treatment allows the addict to ease back into life slowly, in a way that prepares them for the difficulties to come.  

Then there’s the matter of cost.  Cost is another thing the newly sober addict might want to ease back into!  Early recovery is stressful enough, without the pressure of a huge bill looming over it.  Outpatient treatment is less expensive, and lets the client continue to work and fulfill their obligations.  It all depends on your situation, on striking the best balance between recovery and so called real life.  We say so called because recovery and real life are exactly the same, a certainty that outpatient treatment embodies perfectly.  

Outpatient Treatment In West Palm Beach

“What’s Different About Recreate Counseling’s Outpatient Treatment In West Palm Beach?”

Well, how bad do you want it?

What a wonderful idea – tranquility in paradise and you by the ocean watching the world continue to spin.  That’s what outpatient treatment in West Palm Beach sounds like doesn’t it, a way to get your rest while the miracle of change just happens?  A few weeks of meetings, maybe some talk therapy and fresh air?  Then back you go to your old life, restored completely this time and so much wiser?  Yes, that’s the image of outpatient treatment in West Palm Beach.

But it’s not reality.  Not at any outpatient treatment that cares about its clients.  And certainly not at Recreate Life Counseling.  We deliver change here, internal change that will get you the life you deserve, not the empty one addiction wants for you. Yes, West Palm Beach is lovely, and so are our facilities.  Of course we’ll make sure you’re comfortable.  We’ll take care of your needs so you can focus on work and change.  But you have to want it.  

Yeah I want it.  But what’s different about you?

We’re different than other outpatient treatments in West Palm Beach because we challenge you.  Our programs challenge you to change, from the inside out.  But we challenge you to change into the person you’ve always wanted to be.  You’ve always had a vision for your life, right?  And that vision isn’t lost, not forever.  Addiction has just derailed it, put it on hold a while.  By combining the vision you’ve always had with the tools you need to recover, Recreate delivers the kind of recovery you can trust.   Addiction is a scam artist, a phony Nigerian prince that’s after the long con and just needs a bit of your soul.  Addiction hates change more than anything.  It wants you to stay exactly the same – scared, miserable, and willing to believe anything it says.  But change for its own sake doesn’t last.  You need change that fits your personality.    That’s where we come in.  We offer outpatient programs to cater to you, to your unique needs and to your personal vision.  Yes, it’s beautiful and luxurious here – that’s part of our job.  But the best part comes later, when you’re safe and comfortable everywhere, especially in your skin.  

Addiction is a scam artist, a phony Nigerian prince that’s after the long con and just needs a bit of your soul.  Outpatient west palm drug rehab treatment at Recreate Counseling can help, if you want it bad enough. 

4 Benefits of Outpatient Treatment | Recreate

To overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol and maintain long-term sobriety, many people need professional addiction treatment. For more severe addictions, some people require residential or inpatient treatment that provides 24-hour care in a hospital-like setting. But for others transitioning out of inpatient treatment or who cannot attend an inpatient treatment center, outpatient treatment is a wonderful option. Inpatient treatment is not a practical option for many people, and fortunately, there are other treatment options. The following are five benefits of outpatient treatment.

Minimizes Disruption to Daily Life

One of the major obstacles preventing people from seeking addiction treatment is the challenge of taking an extended leave of absence from their job or personal family obligations. It is nearly impossible for working parents to take the time to attend an inpatient treatment program, so outpatient treatment is a great option. Many treatment centers offer sessions and therapy that take place in the evenings or on the weekends. One of the major benefits of outpatient treatment is that struggling individuals can receive the help they need without neglecting the other aspects of their lives.

Stay Connected to Loved Ones

Receiving support from your loved ones can be a great way to stay motivated and focused while in treatment. This important support network is often cut off when a person enters inpatient treatment. For many patients, the primary motivation in seeking help is to repair the relationships with their loved ones. Living among supportive loved ones while in treatment can be extremely beneficial for an individual’s recovery and treatment outcomes.

Less Expensive

Another barrier to receiving treatment is often the cost of care. The reality is that rehab is very expensive, particularly when it comes to inpatient programs. Outpatient treatment is much more affordable as you only have to pay for the sessions you attend, rather than food, shelter, and around-the-clock care with an inpatient program. Insurance companies are also more likely to pay for outpatient treatment than inpatient programs.

Get Connected to the Recovery Community

There are recovery communities all around the world, but it can be difficult to find them if you don’t know where to look. By entering an outpatient treatment program, you will be introduced to a recovery community in your area, as well as meet individuals on the same journey as you in your outpatient program. Developing sober support networks is critical to an individual’s recovery from drugs and alcohol. The bonds you form will help you stay connected and maintain your sobriety.

These are just a few of the benefits of outpatient treatment. It is best to speak with an addiction professional and receive a recommendation on what level of treatment is best for you.

Recreate Life Counseling Services

Recreate Life Counseling offers proven and effective addiction treatment at the outpatient level. Located in the sun and warmth of South Florida, Recreate can help you or your loved one recover from your addiction and recreate your life. To hear more about our treatment programs and services, call us today.