How to Stay Sober During Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may wonder how you can stay sober during the social gathering. For anyone in recovery, whether you have 10 years or you’re newly sober, it can be hard to prepare for sobriety during Thanksgiving.  This is a special time when family and friends that have not seen each other in a while reunite.

This can bring up charged feelings and some people will turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with those emotions. It is possible and likely that feelings of depression, loneliness, anger, anxiety, and stress could arise. With that being said, it is still completely possible for you to enjoy Thanksgiving and not drink or get high.

Helpful Tips for Staying Sober During Thanksgiving

The first thing you would do before Thanksgiving is to create a plan. Having a plan will help you to feel confident in your decision to not drink or get high. Make sure you have someone on call that is part of your sober support network. This person can be a sponsor or someone who has agreed to hold you accountable. If acceptable bring someone with you who also doesn’t drink or get high. This friend will help remind you that in the morning you will feel good if you stayed away from alcohol. Bringing your own drinks on hand can prevent someone from approaching you and offering you an alcoholic beverage.

If there are people at your Thanksgiving that don’t know you’re in recovery, prepare a response for questions about why you’re not drinking like everyone else. A good example is “I have an early morning of hiking and I am actually driving tonight as well.” Keep yourself moving and avoid sitting around with those that are drinking. Bake a pastry or go for a walk once you’ve finished eating. If there is someone you trust at your Thanksgiving, let them know that you are in recovery, this honesty can bring support to you.

What Are Your Triggers?

If you find that at the Thanksgiving party there is a friend or family member that you’ve usually liked to drink with in the past, limit the amount of time you spend around this person. If you are traveling home for your Thanksgiving, avoid speaking with and spending time with those whom you used to drink or get high with. Take some time to brainstorm what all your triggers are. Make a list of the locations, people, behaviors, emotions, thoughts, or situations that trigger you. Look for the safest and most comfortable situations and place yourself in them.

Also, add to your list what you will not allow yourself to do during your Thanksgiving such as what roads to avoid or even which Thanksgiving dinner to avoid altogether. While making your list create a list of the things you will do to cope with the negative variables such as time for yoga, clearing your schedule for rest, or reading a book.

How Do You Navigate a Sober Thanksgiving?

Recreate Life Counseling is conveniently located in Boynton Beach, Florida. We offer partial hospitalization, day/night treatment, along with intensive outpatient therapy. If you find that you are ready for sobriety, this may be the right time to make the decision to accept help. We want you to know that you don’t have to stay an alcoholic or an addict forever.

We are available all 24 hours of the day to consult with you. We will explain exactly how our partial hospitalization and outpatient programs work and help you determine the best road of action for you as an individual. We are ready to answer your question about staying sober during this Thanksgiving. Our admissions team is on stand by for your call.