Shaun Weiss and his Transformation from Addiction to Recovery

Actor Shaun Weiss is now in recovery from his addiction to methamphetamine. Weiss is most famous for his role as Greg Goldberg in the 1990’s movie series “The Mighty Ducks.” Weiss was in all three of the Ducks movies and was also cast in several television shows, “Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” “Boy Meets World,” the “King of Queens,” and “The Cosby Show.” Wiess began acting as a young child and ended up sharing the same struggles with addiction, like so many other child actors and actresses.

Wiess’s history of drug use and criminal arrests have progressed over the last several years. Six months ago, there was press on Wiess’s arrests for unlawful entry, residential burglary, and for being under the influence of methamphetamine in Maryville, California.

At that time, he looked terrible from his addiction. Weiss was struggling then with a severe meth addiction and was reported then only to weigh 110 pounds when he was arrested. His emaciated body was very underweight for his height and age. The mug shot photos of Weiss’s January arrest also caused a sizeable public reaction of shock and disbelief. Fortunately, today Weiss is clean and sober. He recently celebrated over 250 days of recovery from his addiction.

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Shaun Weiss is Looking Clean and Sober

New photos of Weiss have surfaced, showing him in good health and prove he is on the right track and remaining clean and sober. Fox News reported that Wiess’s good friend Drew Gallagher posted new photos of Wiess and commented on how great he is doing in his recovery this past Thursday, September 10th, 2020. The picture shows Weiss looking healthy with a fresh new smile that is telling of his transformation from addict to recovering addict. In the photo, Weiss has gained back a healthy amount of weight, and his smile reveals new and improved teeth.

Fox wrote in their story what Gallagher posted on his Facebook page about Weiss, “Weiss is thriving. His face and mouth feel like ‘tenderized meat’ as he recovers from each oral surgery, but he is feeling blessed to be getting a new set of permanent teeth. His progress has been smooth and steady, and he is well over 225 days sober. More pics and video soon,” said Gallagher, as reported by Fox News.

Other press agencies have also revealed that Wiess had his smile worked on by an orthodontist to correct the damage from meth. Meth addiction causes horrible tooth decay and other diseases of the mouth. The term ‘meth mouth’ refers to the rotten teeth that meth causes for people who are addicted. Because of Weiss’s stardom, oral surgeons from all over the country offered to help him. His dental work has required numerous surgeries and implants to correct the damage from meth.

Shaun Weiss Has a Support Network

Wiess’s friend Gallagher has been a rock for Wiess to lean on even when he had hit bottom.  Gallagher is the one friend who stood by his side when he most needed help. Gallagher started a GoFundMe me for Weiss to go to a methamphetamine treatment program treatment once he was released from jail earlier this year after the arrest in Maryville. The GoFundMe earned enough money to send Weiss to a treatment center for 90 days. Wiess completed the program and is now living at a sober living house in Woodland Hills, California.

Wiess has come a long way from his numerous arrests and health concerns, which were a result of his addiction. His story of transformation began the day he got professional help at the treatment center. Without drug treatment, no one, not even the famous, can overcome addiction on their own. The programs that we provide for meth addiction and other substances rely on advanced treatment and therapy methods that are proven to help someone end their addiction for good.

Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

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