Recreate Counseling Rehab

Recreate Life Counseling

“Ok, I’m Cured.  So when do I start feeling better?  Life After Recreate Counseling Rehab.”

I got it this time and thanks for all the certificates

So you’ve just finished outpatient treatment at Recreate Counseling Rehab and you’re eager to start over again.  You’re feeling optimistic for once, after so many years of hopelessness and chaos.  You’re clean now, off the pills for a couple months and equipped with all the tools you need to keep it going forever.  

Life is good for a while, the new job, back to school part time, all that.  You just needed a little reboot, like a laptop that works just fine again after a power cycle.  Thanks for the update, you say to the folks you loved at Recreate Counseling Rehab, but that was another life, a version of me that doesn’t exist now.  And off you go on your own, into all the pretty sunsets that the boyfriend coming back and better credit brings.  

Then the worst possible crisis happens – absolutely nothing.  Nothing happens but everyday life and you hate it for being so average.  You’re bored, restless, out of your mind with worry that this is all life has for you. Wait, you say, what did Recreate Counseling Rehab tell me to do when this happens?  Something about staying connected, but you don’t remember what that means now.  All you can remember is how the dope felt sometimes.  

Connected Huh?

But then you do remember.  You remember one thing they said at Recreate Counseling Rehab, and that’s to take action.  They said it a million times, until you got sick of it.  It’s not much, this vague thing they said about action, but it’s enough to take you back from the edge.  You even smile a little bit, thinking how sweet and goofy they all were.  

Then you finally get started, on faith mostly, trusting what they told you at Recreate Counseling Rehab.  You follow through on what they set up for you, the contacts, the resources, all the appointments you missed.  You start going to meetings, listening to what they say like your life depended on it.  You get a phone list and a sponsor, walk through some of the fears and the awkwardness.  

Making the appointments helps.  They continue what Recreate Counseling Rehab  started, the coping skills and the unmaking of trauma.  Maybe you get your prescriptions filled, another act of faith and staying teachable.  You go to Alumni Events and one day you find out somebody needs you there, to walk them back from the same edge where you were standing.  You watch them grow and suddenly their peace is more important than yours.  You’re different now.  You’re connected.  Tomorrow, you get to do it again.