We work with Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide evidence-based addiction treatment.

Finding addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one can be less of a worry with the proper insurance coverage. If you have a Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan, you might be addressing a significant part of your addiction treatment challenge.

A health insurance plan can help you get the much-needed help while significantly reducing your treatment expenses. We are a drug rehab that takes Premera BCBS insurance, which makes it more affordable for many addicts and alcoholics to get the help they desperately need.

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Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield Addiction Treatment

Premera BCBS is a non-profit Blue Cross Blue Shield licensed health company headquartered in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. It was founded in 1945 as Washington Hospital Service and in 1969, it became Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska. Premera has evolved in its services delivery over the years. Currently, Premera provides health insurance and related services to over 2 million people in under the Blue Cross license in Washington State and in Alaska, under the Blue Cross Blue Shield licenses. This insurance company has a vast network of Premera BCBS drug rehab centers in its network. Many of these facilities will accept your insurance plan for coverage for drug addiction treatment.

Does Premera BCBS Provide Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment?

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Premera BCBS covers treatment for mental and behavioral health treatment as part of their benefits to customers. Premera provides different levels of coverage for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse as part of a comprehensive behavioral healthcare plan. Policyholders of Premera BCBS plans can access both inpatient and outpatient Premera BCBS drug rehab programs, although with slight variation based on the chosen plan. Contact us around the clock for a confidential assessment of your addiction treatment coverage benefits.

Here is a further breakdown of what your plan might cover:

Outpatient treatment: A Premera BCBS plan might be the best option for you if your treatment does not involve a more intensive form of residential rehabilitation.
Day and night treatment: Premera BCBS covers day and night treatment with community housing for substance abuse. However, you will require a pre-approval for this.
Partial Hospitalization: Partial hospitalization is usually recommended for patients exiting an inpatient phase. At Recreate Life Counseling, we offer partial hospitalization treatment services as part of our Premera BCBS covered drug rehab programs.
Intensive Outpatient Treatment: If you will like to keep our job or attend to other responsibilities while undergoing an intensive level of treatment, then Premera BCBS covers intensive outpatient treatment.

How Do I Verify My Premera BCBS Addiction Treatment Benefits?

Verification of your Premera BCBS insurance and offering professional advice on how to proceed with your treatment is our responsibility. Based on our understanding of what individuals and families undergo in the fight against addiction, we help our clients transition into a life of sobriety without having to worry about the financial implications of finding help.

With a brief call, we will proceed with a confidential and free verification of your Premera BCBS drug treatment insurance plan. Judging by their years of experience working with leading insurance companies, our in-house professionals have become proficient in handling verifications on behalf of our clients. Do not let your addiction problem rob you of a brighter and more productive future…give us a call now!

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