Outpatient Rehab: Factors to Consider When Seeking Treatment

recreate life counselingPerhaps you have just made the decision to go to treatment for your addiction. Congratulations – that’s a huge step forward! But there are countless Delray Beach outpatient rehabs to choose from. How do you go about selecting the best outpatient rehab for your needs and recovery goals? Which is the best fit for you? This blog will hopefully guide you in selecting an outpatient rehab that works for you. The following are some components to consider when choosing a rehab:

Programs Offered

This is probably one of the most important components to consider. Are you seeking an inpatient, residential rehab program, or are you looking for an outpatient treatment that will fit into your busy schedule? For clients who are in no immediate danger to themselves or others, an outpatient rehab program can give you the highly structured level of clinical care you need without the expense of residential treatment. At Recreate Life Counseling Services, we offer a wide variety of addiction counseling programs. Read more about them here.

Variety of Services

Another critical consideration is what services the different treatment centers offer. Perhaps you would like to stick to a more traditional psychotherapeutic approach to addiction treatment or, maybe you find a combination of traditional therapy and experiential therapy (i.e., art and music therapy) most beneficial to your recovery. It is important to consider what services would be best for you — for example, do you have a dual diagnosis? If so, a treatment program that has a specialized dual diagnosis focus may be best for you.

Addiction Recovery Approach

All treatment centers approach addiction recovery in their own way. Are you looking for a 12-Step treatment approach, a medically based treatment center, one that focuses on cognitive-behavioral therapy, or perhaps a combination of approaches? At Recreate, we view addiction as a complex, multi-faceted disease that affects an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual condition. Given this understanding, our approach to addiction treatment includes various therapeutic services to address emotional issues, dual diagnoses, and any trauma that may have occurred, as well as a 12-step based model for maintaining sobriety.


Often times, people overlook an organization’s philosophy, considering them to be all the same.  We believe that a treatment center’s philosophy is an important aspect to consider when seeking treatment, as it speaks to the center’s motivation and approach in treating addiction.


Although location is not at the top of the list, it can be an important aspect to consider when seeking a treatment center. Many people find it helpful to go to treatment out of state — removing yourself physically from the people, places, and things of your addiction can be incredibly helpful in early recovery.

If you are seeking a credible halfway house, give Recreate Life Counseling Services a call today. We are here to help guide you on your journey in recovery. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs, services, and philosophy.