Do Drug Rehab Programs Offer Yoga Classes?

Many people hear the word yoga and just picture pose that is nearly impossible to get into. Getting started in yoga is easier than many people think. Anyone can start out doing simple yoga stretches while practicing their breathing and meditation. Recreate Life Counseling does offer yoga classes when you are entered into our drug treatment programs. We do this as a part of a holistic approach to recovery.

Do Drug Rehab Programs Offer Yoga Classes?

Benefits of Yoga in Rehab Programs

Yoga benefits anyone in rehab and recovery. Getting sober and staying sober is not an easy process. Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice that includes breath control, meditation, and body poses that are meant to promote health and relaxation. When you become addicted to a substance, you damage your body in more ways than one. That includes physically, mentally, and spiritually. When your life and well being are broken due to substance abuse, yoga is a great way to rebalance your life.

Yoga and Addiction Treatment

When you are going through detox and are in very early recovery, you will likely experience a lot of discomfort and pain. Becoming addicted to a substance makes it very hard on the body when you stop taking the substances that you were hooked on as it tries to balance itself out again. This can make the beginning stages of recovery very difficult. When you integrate yoga into your rehab program, some of these ailments can be eased. The main point of yoga is to ease a distressed mind and body and promote a healthy body and healthy mind during such a trying time. Yoga will also help make you feel stronger during this hard time and allow your body to stay flexible. Many people tend to get very tense in their bodies when they are in a rehab program or going through withdrawals.

When a person becomes chemically dependent on a dangerous drug, it is oftentimes used to escape something from their life. This is a very unhealthy way to deal with life’s issues. The substances were only a temporary break from those things you were running from, but the problem doesn’t go away. Yoga helps a person ease their mind from the burdens of addiction and trains you to focus on what is happening in that particular moment, not all of the outside stuff. It is all about living in the present and investing your energy into your current state of being.

How is Yoga Helpful in Recovery?

Yoga also offers emotional benefits. During stressful times, yoga can be a healthy way to reflect on emotions and get them out rather than turning back to drugs and/or alcohol. It allows you to cope. Negative feelings are bound to pop up when going through early sobriety and turning to an unhealthy coping mechanism never allows you to process any emotions you are feeling. Yoga is the perfect confidante to a successful rehab program because it can teach you how to control your emotions and thoughts.

Many recovering addicts also use yoga as a way to fight the compulsive cravings. This is beneficial because when a person with a substance abuse disorder is in the grips of addiction. They lose all sense of self-control. When you decide to get sober, this is a trait that needs to be relearned. It doesn’t just reappear and self-control is important in regaining life long recovery.

Get the Help You Need

Rehab programs can be a very difficult time for anyone emotionally and physically and yoga is a tool that can be utilized during this time to help you heal.  At Recreate Life Counseling, our admissions counselors and addiction professionals are available around the clock. We are ready to help you or a loved one overcome the disease of addiction. Let us help you change your life!