Cocaine Rehab Center

“So What’s Going to Happen to Me at a Cocaine Rehab Center?”

Cocaine is heavy duty.  You need a remedy with weight.  

Cocaine rehab center – Snorting, smoking, shooting – cocaine’s a nasty drug no matter how you get it in there.  A good cocaine rehab understands that.  Cocaine alters brain chemistry from the first use forward.  It depletes the brain of neurotransmitters and destroys receptor sites.  Eventually you can’t think straight or feel much in the way of pleasure, with or without more cocaine.   

It’s tough to come back from that, right?  Especially when you’ve worn out your welcome most places.  So you’ll need help, lots of it.  You’ll need a cocaine rehab that gets it.  You’ll need a remedy with weight, a solution with more power than cocaine and all its damage.  Emotional fluff just won’t do.  

 You need strong medicine, something that lasts.  It’ll have to work on all your life areas at once – social, cognitive, behavioral, everything.  Sounds scary, huh?  Well, it is.  But if you’re anything like I was, in complete despair and hopeless, then there might be a little relief in the thought of being changed.  

Change from the Inside Out and Vice Versa

Cocaine treatment at Recreate Life can help change you.  Actually, that’s our goal.    How do we do it?  How do we deliver a remedy with the necessary weight?  Well, it starts with support and a new sort of environment.  We provide a new context and a different home base for a while.  

Once the outside work is started, we’ll go inward, toward your heart and the past that made it.  You’ll undergo Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Trauma therapy.  Both of these will focus on the specific needs of cocaine users.  Ditto your group therapies and aftercare plans.

The CBT teaches new ways to think and feel pleasure.  It changes the coke user’s internal monologue.  Trauma therapy will help repair the damage of the past, especially the hurt it put on the ego.  Both of these modes go right to the root of your cocaine use.  

The group therapies will help you build bonds, the connections that the cocaine mind never could trust.  They’ll help you feel less alone and restore a healthy ego.  And when you leave our cocaine rehab center, you’ll know where to go and what to do.  You’ll have resources and meetings to keep you connected.  And you’ll have a way to feel satisfied without cocaine.