Checklist for a Reputable Drug Treatment Center

Looking for a reputable drug and alcohol treatment center is no small task, and it could very well be one of the most important decisions you’ll make for yourself or a loved one’s future. When checking out options, there are many things that must be taken into consideration, ranging from affordability and location to specialization (for example, do you need a rehab that specializes in co-occurring disorders, known as dual diagnosis treatment?).

Additionally, it isn’t always easy to tell which treatment centers are legitimate and reputable, and which are fraudulent. Unfortunately, many treatment centers nowadays are simply interested in making the most money possible — they are not truly invested in your personal well-being or long-term recovery. Because the process may seem overwhelming, and because it can be difficult to navigate, we’ve compiled a check-list to help make looking for the right rehab as painless as possible.

checklist for a reputable drug treatment center

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Checklist

Here are some important details to consider when searching for a reputable drug and alcohol treatment program:

  1. Location — if you have the means, traveling to an out-of-state rehab may be the best option. Why? Staying in your hometown (even remaining in your home state) may make fleeing, falling off track, or relapsing all that much easier. Surrounding yourself with brand new people in a brand new environment has proven to be far more conducive to long-term healing. Rather than focus on staying close to home, focus on finding the treatment center with the best reputation. Look up reviews, and if possible, speak to alumni. A reputable treatment center will usually offer an alumni list.
  2. Cost — most drug treatment facilities accept insurance. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance does not cover the full cost of treatment, you must consider your ability to pay out-of-pocket. Additionally, many rehab facilities offer sliding-scale payment plans to potential clients, depending on income. When looking for a reputable treatment center, beware of insurance fraud.
  3. Gender-Specific — in some cases, gender-specific treatment may be the best option. This is typically more effective if the concerned individual has undergone some form of sexual, emotional, or physical trauma at the hands of the opposite sex. Inpatient programs designed specifically for members of the LGBTQ community are also available.
  4. Co-Occurring Disorders — the vast majority of addicts and alcoholics suffer from a co-occurring disorder. These disorders are often mental and range from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. If you suffer from a mental health disorder (or you believe that you might), finding an inpatient rehab that also offers psychiatric services will be absolutely crucial to long-term sobriety. If rehab does not offer treatment for co-occurring disorders and does not point you in the direction of a more suitable rehab for your needs, be wary.
  5. Duration — generally speaking, inpatient treatment lasts for at least thirty days. However, the duration of treatment can vary based on personal needs. Some more intensive programs last for three to six months – some for nine months. If a treatment program lasts for only a week or two, it likely isn’t very reputable.
  6. Resources — what resources does the treatment center offer? Do they offer an outpatient program once inpatient treatment has come to a close? Do they provide you with a licensed therapist – one that you can continue seeing once you’ve graduated from the program? Ask a lot of questions, and remember a reputable treatment center will always offer resources outside of inpatient.

We Are Here to Help 

Of course, the journey of recovery will be different for everyone. We at Recreate Life Counseling are dedicated to helping you find the perfect program of recovery for your specific needs. We understand that sobriety is not a one-size-fits-all process. For more information on our program, or if you need assistance finding the right center for you, please feel free to give us a call today.