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Drinking alcohol and alcoholism might seem like they refer to the same thing. But there’s a big difference between moderate alcohol consumption and Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD.

Having a drink with friends or family over dinner is accepted in many cultures and doesn’t represent a serious issue until it gets out of control. AUD or alcoholism is a relapsing disorder where the patient has a compulsive behavior towards alcohol consumption.

ReCreate Life Counseling provides alcohol addicts and their families with another chance. Professional treatment is essential in the diagnosis and control of alcohol treatment. So, keep reading to learn how to get in control of your life.

Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism refers to alcohol dependence. This means that the person consuming alcohol can no longer function when it’s not available. In most cases, a negative emotional state or trait will take over, and many people report that alcoholic people don’t act like themselves.

Definition and Causes of Alcoholism

Alcoholism shouldn’t be confused with social drinking. Several factors can help you set them apart.

  • The frequency and quantity that people drink are usually controlled and can be in moderation. Alcoholic people display a persistent intake of heavy drinks that they can no longer tolerate.
  • Regular drinking won’t impact a person’s life or might do so in very few situations. Alcohol addicts lose control of their lives and might lose their jobs or families because of alcohol consumption.
  • When people who deal with alcoholism don’t drink, they experience withdrawal symptoms.
  • Alcoholic people are obsessed with drinking. They won’t wait for an occasion, but they will skip essential events of their daily lives to drink.

Some people are more prone to AUD than others because some risk factors contribute to the condition’s progress.

  • Genetics plays a crucial role in AUD. Some genes will make people more prone to addiction due to how the brain processes alcohol.
  • Some environmental factors, like living in a place where there’s easy access to alcohol, can make some people more people prone to AUD.
  • Mental issues like depression and anxiety disorders can encourage people to consume alcohol as it provides temporary relief.
  • Social and cultural factors, like being in situations and groups that encourage the consumption of alcohol, contribute to the problem’s intensity.
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Effects of Alcoholism on Physical, Mental, and Social Health

AUD can affect every aspect of a patient’s life, profoundly impacting physical, mental, and social health. These effects can be minor or severe, depending on the person’s tolerance, age, and the presence of other disorders.

Physical Effects

Heavy drinking is associated with several health issues, like fatty liver, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, immunity, and cardiovascular problems.

Some studies show a significant relationship between alcohol consumption and some cancer types. In the long run, heavy and uncontrolled alcohol consumption can lead to neurological issues and cognitive impairment.

Mental Effects

Alcohol addiction can result from mental issues like depression and anxiety, as it provides temporary relief. Unfortunately, patients usually feel worse afterward, so they have to increase their alcohol intake.

People become psychologically dependent on alcohol to combat stress and anxiety. This dangerous combination can also increase the risk of suicide.

Social Effects

Alcoholism has a social stigma, and alcoholic people usually have strained personal and professional relationships. Their eccentric behavior and emotional instability make them challenging to deal with, so they end up dealing with loneliness and isolation, which increase alcohol consumption.

Those people stop thinking logically because they only think about drinking. So, they might lose their jobs due to decreased work performance or lack of focus. They might also suffer from financial instability. Finally, people with alcohol problems are more prone to dealing with legal issues.

Importance of Seeking Professional Help for Alcoholism

Although some people try to stop drinking independently, there’s always a risk of relapse. Seeking professional help for alcoholism can decrease the odds of relapse and help people cope with their drinking problem.

Medical professionals and addiction counselors dig deep to find the root cause behind the addiction problem. People can lose the motive to drink irresponsibly by solving the underlying issues.

Specialists create customized plans to help patients overcome their uncontrolled alcohol consumption. They also monitor patients during the withdrawal period.

Overview of ReCreate Life Counseling

ReCreate Life Counseling guides struggling alcohol addicts to help them get back to their lives. A team of medical professionals sits with the patient and their family to evaluate the condition and create a customized plan to help eliminate the problem.

History and Mission of ReCreate Life Counseling

ReCreate Life Counseling’s first headquarters was founded in Boynton Beach, Florida. The facility aims to help people heal from addiction as soon as possible. Later on, it expanded to several other locations in Florida.

At ReCreate Life Counseling, the purpose of treatment isn’t only to encourage the person to stop drinking but to dig deeper to find the reason why they started drinking in the first place. This way, they can develop healthier coping mechanisms to help them live comfortably.

The institution also offers family guidance. Alcoholics who receive support from their loved ones are more likely to stick to the treatment plan.

Family members are encouraged to be part of the plan whenever possible. The whole family might have to go to therapy to help one individual, as other members might have a drinking problem they aren’t aware of.

The Boynton Beach, Florida Facility

This facility aims at helping people win their fight against substance abuse. It promotes taking a proactive stance towards addiction, so people can start living their lives as they should.

The drug rehab has fantastic views, located right in the center of Florida’s most beautiful beach counties. It’s only a short drive from West Palm Beach and tens of shops, so patients won’t feel disconnected. They can also have some fun at the nearby restaurants whenever it’s safe to do so.

Some people believe that palms, clear skies, and pristine beaches can all contribute to improving patients’ mental health. It’s an excellent place for someone to start their recovery journey.

Approach to Alcohol Treatment at ReCreate Life Counseling

According to the latest statistics, more than 78% of the age group above 12 had an alcohol problem. This explains the importance of having an accessible treatment facility that can help people get their lives back on track.

Philosophy and Principles Guiding Alcohol Treatment

A variety of therapy options are available to treat alcohol addiction. Choosing the right treatment plan depends on several factors.

These include other medical issues, age, previous addiction problems, and level of cooperation. Medications, group therapy, behavioral therapy, and cognitive therapy can all be part of the treatment plan.

Moreover, ReCreate Life Counseling designs special support programs for families. These can help whether the patient receives treatment at the facility or at home.

Explanation of Personalized Treatment Planning

The symptoms and causes of AUD are specific to every individual, meaning the treatment should also be personalized to yield the best results. Some people attempt to treat their addiction by themselves, only to relapse.

The most effective treatment can combine various approaches perfectly tailored to suit the patient’s needs. During treatment, adequate support is given to the patient and their family to help them through their battle with addiction.

Components of the Alcohol Treatment Program at ReCreate Life Counseling

The treatment program comprises several components to adverse all the effects of alcohol addiction.

Medical Detoxification: Importance and Process

The first step to getting rid of alcohol addiction involves removing its toxic effect from the body. Patients take time to adjust during withdrawal, and some of the symptoms can make them uncomfortable. This is among the main reasons why people relapse during treatment.

Some medications can help manage the annoying symptoms, but a doctor should administer them.

Therapeutic Interventions: Individual Counseling, Group Therapy, and Family Therapy

Therapeutic interventions represent a crucial part of the recovery journey. This involves individual counseling to address mental and emotional issues and group therapy to help people feel connected. Family therapy provides counseling to family members who want to support an addict overcome their addiction.

Holistic Treatments: Yoga, Meditation, and Art Therapy

Holistic treatment and mindfulness practices help people overcome anxiety and stress while battling alcoholism. Yoga, meditation, and art therapy help regulate the stress hormones which can push people to drink.

Relapse Prevention and Life Skills Training

After completing a successful treatment, recovering addicts should learn new life skills. These skills will help people manage their personal and professional relationships.

Importance of Family Involvement in Alcohol Treatment

Family involvement plays a crucial role in treating alcohol dependency, yet most practices still focus on individual support. A supportive family will notice a problem with alcohol consumption, even if the person tries to ignore it. It will encourage them to seek therapy and get help, knowing they can save their family life by overcoming alcoholism.

A patient’s family can provide the doctor with accurate information regarding the patient’s medical history and alcohol consumption, so a successful treatment plan can be formulated.

Resources and Support for Family Members of Individuals Struggling with Alcoholism

Alcohol can impact families in several ways. Changes in behavior due to excess alcohol consumption and alcohol dependency can be the reason behind increased divorce rates, domestic violence, and child abuse. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, 40% to 60% of domestic violence cases were linked to alcohol misuse.

At the same time, family members will struggle to see a loved one losing their battle with addiction. In addition to behavioral changes, this person might also suffer from medical issues.

Luckily, at ReCreate Life Counseling, plenty of resources are designed to provide families with support. These resources should be discussed with an addiction counselor to decide on the best ones for the situation.

Family meetings provide family members with information and support during the recovery journey. Family therapy and attending group therapy with the alcoholic patient can also work.

How to Start Alcohol Treatment at ReCreate Life Counseling

The admission process at ReCreate Life Counseling is pretty straightforward. The center hires qualified specialists to evaluate the situation and determine the best treatment options. Professionals will also study your insurance to explain if you can have your treatment covered.

The next level is the intake assessment. An addiction counselor or doctor will assess the patient’s situation and decide on the right level of care. A dual diagnosis is offered to see if there are substance abuse issues or mental disorders that might interfere with the treatment plan.

Some alcohol users can benefit from outpatient treatment options, while others won’t be able to recover unless they can stay at the facility and get covered by intensive inpatient treatment. These treatment options will be discussed with the doctor or addiction counselor.

After that, the recovery journey begins. Some people will need special medications to manage withdrawal symptoms. These should be administered under the supervision of a doctor.

Individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy are also incorporated into the treatment plan. These can also be part of the facility’s 12-step addiction treatment plan.


Seeking professional treatment is the best way to battle Alcohol Use Disorder. Although some people can attempt to control their alcohol consumption and eventually quit, they usually relapse. This happens because they don’t deal with the root cause that leads to the addiction problem and because they might not be able to handle the withdrawal symptoms on their own.

People who misuse the consumption of alcohol harm themselves and their loved ones. So, if you want to save your life, recovery is one step away.

At ReCreate Life Counseling, you can access professional medical treatment and individualized plans that help you take control of your life. Please contact us today!








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