Addiction Treatment Programs for Teachers

The direct relationship between the stress of jobs and the abuse of alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs is valid. One of the highest stress level jobs is teaching and many people in the education field are very stressed by their job. While teachers are known to be dedicated, compassionate, and strong they are also human beings. Teachers not only care for the children but they deal with the parents who think their kids are perfect.

Teachers have to deal with comments about their job being easy because they get a summer vacation, not considering the low pay in the profession. Their job is a never-ending commitment they go home to grade papers for endless hours. They adapt to each students’ different ways of learning and all their personalities. Teachers must miss social events regularly to keep up with their workload and they are also expected to take on the role of being disciplinary. The tedious routine of their job is often met with exhaustion. It takes courage to face the amount of critique they endure.

When is the Best Time to Get Addiction Treatment for Teachers?

Teachers will tend to be afraid of losing their autonomy by going to a rehabilitation center. Time is a factor for teachers they would not be able to complete a thorough program during the school months because their jobs consume most of their day. Even though a teacher accepts that they have a problem they will be hesitant to seek rehabilitation because of their known dedication during their school year. Because teachers are in the habit of putting others first it will be easier for them to attend treatment during the summer months.

This way they have the ability and time to concentrate on their mental and physical health. Teachers are under great pressure to be role models so when they are faced with a possibly fatal addiction they might choose to get treatment during the school year but if that isn’t the choice they make that is when the summer break is taken to focus on healing.

How to Help a Teacher Who is Struggling with Substance Abuse

Doing an intervention is a way for the family, friends, or the school faculty to get involved in helping a teacher. The school can in a way demand that the teacher get help to where the teacher isn’t afraid to admit they need help and lose their job. The family and friends have a choice as well to do an intervention but be advised that an intervention does not mean they will recover any faster or better than allowing the teacher to decide when they want to take treatment.

This brief intervention gives patients a chance to learn about their drug use—especially as it pertains to their health—from an objective third party with medical training. It relies on the premise that advice from an expert has been shown to promote change. (NIDA)

If you are a loved one of a teacher, an intervention may be the first step to get them to accept the fact that treatment is the right course of action. Interventions should be conducted as soon as possible. The longer a person abuses drugs and alcohol, the worse the addiction becomes.

How Can Recreate Life Counseling Help Teachers with Addiction?

We are a drug and alcohol rehab for everyone, and we take your confidentiality very seriously. No one will know you’ve been to our facility or participated in our program unless the teacher tells someone themselves. Our individualized treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of men, women, and families affected by addiction. Here in our Delray Beach or Boynton Beach, Florida locations, we at Recreate Life Counseling offer partial hospitalization which is a day and night treatment with community housing and intensive outpatient therapy.

It is our mission to offer clients help to recreate their lives. We are committed to helping the addicted person start and remain in the recovery process. We will structure a treatment plan in a way that is conducive to the personal vision you or your loved one has for an addiction-free life. No teacher needs to feel alone with an addiction battle. Call now to speak with one of our experts or come in for a tour. Summertime or during school is both the right time for a teacher to get the help they desperately need. The FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) allows covered educators to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons, and this includes addiction treatment. Don’t hesitate, reach out for confidential help today.