Addiction Treatment for Medical Workers

Caring for other people in the medical world is a very demanding and stressful job and you often find yourself in scenarios you could have never imagined. Not only that, but medical workers also face a higher risk of burnout, injury, and illness than other professions do. Medical workers can include physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and other emergency personnel. With having a very stressful and high-risk career in the medical field, you are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Like many other people who are facing addiction, medical workers may see many different reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol. They may be looking for a way to fight the emotional pain from tough decisions or bad endings. Perhaps they are looking for a way to stay alert during their long shift.

Addiction Treatment for Medical Workers

Signs of Addiction in Medical Workers

Seeing addiction and alcoholism symptoms in a medical worker may sometimes be hard to spot as many of them are considered high functional addicts: meaning they can hold down their career, life outside, and their substance abuse for a lengthy period without anyone noticing. Typical signs of addiction in medical workers include:

  • Frequently changing jobs
  • Asking for money despite the employee earning a good income
  • A noticeable change in job performance such as job errors
  • Spending extended time in the bathroom or medication room
  • Wearing long-sleeved to cover arms
  • Failure to show up for meeting and appointments
  • Frequently calling in sick and not showing up for work.
  • Mood swings and erratic behavior

Drug Treatment Options for Medical Professionals

Here at Recreate Life Counseling, we offer a wide variety of different treatment options depending upon the person’s needs and the severity of their situation. We address the person as a whole, not just the addiction, to maximize success by getting to the root of the individual’s problems.

We offer a partial hospitalization program that provides the most intensive treatment for those struggling with drug and alcohol treatment. The therapies and activities offered are dependent on the specific need of the person. Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) generally provides medication management, for those dealing with mental and behavioral disorders prescribed by a psychiatrist. It offers group therapy, individual therapy, and even family sessions.

We also offer different outpatient treatment programs that offer intensive treatment is a structured setting in a less restrictive environment. This provides therapy, education, and guidance as a person begins to reintegrate into society. For medical workers, we will focus on the day-to-day hardships that they will face on the job and at home and teach them different coping mechanisms to successfully deal with it. Our programs offer relapse prevention and cognitive behavioral therapy to strengthen your coping skills so you can handle cravings and temptations out in the real world.

Recreate Life Counseling Helps Medical Workers

We understand that medical workers put themselves in a lot of stressful situations and see things that no one should have to see.  If you are struggling with the trauma and pain that you deal with by using drugs and alcohol to self medicate or to cope with the strenuous work hours, you have an option to heal yourself. Drug addiction and alcoholism aren’t an easy thing to face and you do not have to do it on your own. Let us give you the knowledge you need to succeed in your recovery even after you have left addiction treatment.